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Maids Housekeeping in Egypt from afrcia and asia

elsafa maids. will provide you with the necessary tools to safely and legally find personal maid services in egypt

We screen our housekeepers for work experience and conduct a criminal background check to ensure our client’s safety. Our housekeepers are adequately trained to keep your home beautiful and orderly. In addition, they have flexible schedules to meet your needs. Whether it is part-time or full-time, live-in or live out, or just for holidays and special occasions, our maid service professionals are always ready for your convenience.

Our housekeeper duties include, but are not limited to cleaning, washing, laundry, errands, organizing, and maintaining house cleanliness. The housekeepers we have are knowledgeable, conscientious, trustworthy, and responsible. They show dignity in their work and understand the importance of an elegant home. Respect is another important standard our housekeepers follow, and they utilize this standard in order to efficiently work with and oversee other maid service staff members.
If a proficient housekeeper is what you seek, look no further. We are here to help you find and hire the best

Elsafa services is a Maid recruiting agency in Egypt.we have good,tested and trusted house keeper,babysitter,nannies,elderly care,drivers,teachers,cleaners or any other domestic service we have both male and female domestic workers from Asia{Philippines,Indonesia,sarilaka}AFRICA {GHANA,KENYA,NIGERIA,SOUTH SUDAN,EGYPTIANS,UGANDA} .contact us now 01006628383 / 01024652555

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Babysitters phlipino -asia-  afrcia

Babysitters phlipino -asia- afrcia

Maid babysitter Services in Egypt

For job placement and recruiting of experienced , honest , reliable and dependable Nannies , Babysitters , Aupairs,Housekeepers,Cleaners,Cooks,Care Givers,Elderly Carers,Pet sitters, Household Managers ,General Labourers and Drivers in Egypt and the Middle East both live in or out from Africa ( Sudan ,Ethiopia,Eritrea, Nigeria,Ghana,Kenya , Uganda ,Guinea,Djbouti,Somalia & Ivory Coast ) and Asia ( Sri lanka ,Philippine & Indonesia ).